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Submissions reflect Media Monitoring Africa's attempts to ensure that media policies and codes are in line with South Africa's constitution.

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MMA’s Submission in response to the ICT Green Paper 2014

MMA has responded to the Department of Communication’s call for submissions to the ICT Green Paper Policy, gazetted in January 2014. MMA welcomes this call and the opportunity for submissions.There has however been debate around the issues which are absent from the ICT Green Paper and whether there should be a call for the Green Paper to be completely reviewed and these issues addressed.

MMA submission to the Print and Digital Media Transformation Task Team (PDMTTT)

Media Monitoring Africa made a written submission and an oral presentation on transformation in the print and digital media following an invitation by the Print and Digital Media Transformation Task Team (PDMTTT). The submission is based on the wide experience of and in-depth analysis by the MMA in the print, digital and broadcast media sectors.

MMA’s MOJo - keeping media honest by monitoring online journalism

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) answered a call to enter the African News Innovation Challenge and submitted its COOLEST idea to transforming the way African media work. See the proposal titled “MOJo - keeping media honest by monitoring online journalism” and add your comment.

MMA’s Submission at the Parliamentary Indaba on Transformation and Diversity in SA Print Media

The following is a presentation made by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) at a Parliamentary Indaba on Transformation and Diversity of the South African Print Media held at the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) on 18 June 2012.

MMA oral submission on the Protection of State Information Bill

Media Monitoring Africa responded to a nomination by the National Council of Provinces’ (NCOP) ad hoc committee dealing with the Protection of State Information Bill (POSIB) to make an oral presentation on their submission. MMA welcomes much of the bill, but identified certain provisions of the bill which it views as problematic and suggests changes to seven sections of the bill to make it not only constitutional, but also to fulfill South Africa’s AU obligations.

ICASA Presentation: Changing Regulatory Issues of the Sector ICASA 2.0

This is a presentation made by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) at the Icasa Conference (20-21 February 2012). In its submission, MMA highlights the need for an independent and effective regulator, the need for a series of quality and diverse programming indicators, and the need for an upgrade to new methods of effective monitoring.

Submission to the Press Freedom Commission: regulation of print media

Media Monitoring Africa responded to a call for submission by the Press Freedom Commission (PFC) (15 December 2011) on the Regulation of Print Media in South Africa.

MMA supports more independent self regulation. By definition self regulation refers to a peer review system operating within a set of self- imposed rules by the media. It consists of representatives from the media profession passing judgement of complicated matters of journalistic reporting using a Journalistic Code of Ethics which is applied in determining the final ruling , and benchmarking the generally accepted norms and standards.

Strengthening the Press Code

MMA made its submission at thefirst of South Africa’s Public Hearings into its reviews process. MMA wants the Press Council to address:

• Lack of knowledge both on the part of the general public
• Challenges arising out of the self-regulatory nature of the system and the legal enforceability of the decisions
• Independence of the Press Council
• Lack of clarity in relation to financial arrangements;
• The relief available to successful complainants;
• Making the procedure more informal, speedy, cost-effective, open and transparent.

Presentation to Communication Ministry’s Public Hearings on the Public Service Broadcasting Bill

Media Monitoring Africa raised concerns about elements of the draft Public Service Broadcasting Bill during the Communication Ministry’s public hearings.

MMA argues that the Bill in its current form will give the Minister too much power and won’t solve the problems dogging SABC.

Strengthening the Press Code

This document forms part of the submission by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) to the South African Press Council as part of a review process aimed at improving the current self-regulatory system.

This section deals with shortcomings in the Press Code.

MMA believes the following areas need to be addressed:

• Overall framing of the code;
• Minimising harm;
• Children;
• The public interest; and
• Discouraging “brown envelope journalism”.

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