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Submissions reflect Media Monitoring Africa's attempts to ensure that media policies and codes are in line with South Africa's constitution.

WSIS submission

MMP’s submission on the South African World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Civil Society Statement.

Disability code

This is MMP’s submission to ICASA on the Draft Code of Good Practice for disability coverage by the Broadcasting Industry. The Draft Code of Good Practice is to be viewed as an extremely positive development in providing people with disabilities with greater opportunities to see their lives reflected on and to play a greater role in setting the agenda of the broadcast media and telecommunications sector. However, the successful implementation of the code requires commitment from both ICASA and the broadcast media and telecommunications sector to adhere to the key principles outlined in the code.

MMP Submission on SABC Draft Licence Conditions

The MMP’s submission on the SABC’s draft licence conditions was submitted to ICASA and the SABC on the 14th of March 2005. The MMP’s submission addresses key human rights-related areas, including, gender, children, race, and disability. The MMP’s submission also makes positive suggestions relating to key programming genres, including news and educational programming, and addressing levels of advertising.

SABC licence amendment submission

The application for the SABC’s licence amendment, while clearly identified as such, appears rather to be an extensive public relations exercise. While ostensibly geared towards the issue of the mandated amendments in licence conditions required by the authority now that the broadcaster has separated into commercial and public service channels, discussions surrounding the actual licence amendment accounts for little more than 20 pages of the 127 page submission.

Children’s bill submission

This submission to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Social Development discussed Children’s Bill.

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