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Submissions reflect Media Monitoring Africa's attempts to ensure that media policies and codes are in line with South Africa's constitution.

MMA and SOS Coalition: Written Submissions on the Films and Publications Amendment Bill

Media Monitoring Africa and the SOS Support Public Broadcasting Coalition have made a joint submission on the Films and Publications Amendment Bill.

Written Submissions By The Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) On The Cybercrimes And Cybersecurity Bill

The possibility exists that new forms of cybercrime will emerge with evolving technology. New cyber laws should therefore be introduced to respond to these rapid changes.

Supplementary submission by MMA on the Review of regulations on South African local content

Supplementary written submission by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) on the position paper: Review of Regulation on South African Local Content (Radio and Television)

Written representations by MMA on the review of regulations on South African local content

Until the lions get their own story tellers, history will always be told from the perspective of the hunters.

MMA’s submission on behalf of children on the FPB’s proposed Online Regulations.

This submission is submitted by MMA on behalf of the children that participate in MMA’s children programmes initiatives (namely the Children’s News Agency and the Children Monitoring Project).

MMA’s submission on the Film and Publication Board’s proposed Online Regulations.

This submission deals with some of the problematic sections in the Draft Regulations.

Action on SABC & Multichoice Deal

UPDATE: See new documents including SABC’s application to dismiss

MMA’S submission on the National Integrated ICT Policy Discussion Paper

Media Monitoring Africa’s response to the Discussion Paper containing Options Paper on various aspects of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) policies that are being reviewed as part of the process to modernise the sector.

MMA Written Submission to USAASA on the Qualifying Criteria for the Set-top-box Scheme of Ownership

The Universal Service & Access Agency of South Africa (USAASA), the government agency tasked with bridging South Africa’s digital divide, has provided details of those who will qualify for a subsidy when buying a set-top box for watching digital terrestrial television. As universal access is considered a basic human right, MMA respectfully submits that in developing the Proposed Qualifying Criteria for the Set Top Box (STB) scheme, USAASA appears to have ignored the vast majority of households that it needs to service.

MMA’s Submission on User Generated Comments

MMA was asked to make a submission to the Independent Newspapers User-Generated Content Panel. The main aim of the Panel is to report on and make recommendations concerning hate speech, personal attacks and defamatory statements contained in comments by the public on internet websites controlled by Independent Newspapers.

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