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Research Reports are indepth, often quantitative reports around our various programme areas.

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Writing It Right: An Analysis of Zambian Media Coverage of Health Issues

How can media assist citizens with gaining knowledge of their rights, treatment and mechanisms for engaging with the health system to improve delivery and access? To find out check Media Monitoring Africa’s research on how the Zambian media covered health issues.

Meeting their public mandate?: A Critical Analysis of South African Media Statutory Bodies

This book, published by the Open Society Foundation and written by various organisations, offers insignt into the South African Media Statutory Bodies.  The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, the Universal Services Agency, and the Media Development and Diversity Agency are explored in terms of their mandates.  The Media Monitoring Project conducted the research and wrote the analysis of the SABC.

Placed here with the kind permission of the Open Society Foundation.

“hisses and whistles”: A baseline study into arts coverage in the SA mass media

The MMP and Open Research completed both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of arts coverage in South Africa. This research resulted in several key findings, including, the role of advertising in shaping how the arts are covered and the lack of serious arts coverage in most media monitored. Finally, the findings conclude with recommendations by journalists and other stakeholders at a meeting on the 5th April 2006.

The Role of the Print Media during the Apartheid Era

The aim of this study was to examine the role of the print media during the apartheid era. The findings included in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report. It offers an insight into the print media as a propaganda mechanism, which has lessons beyond South Africa, as other media fulfil the role of printing government propaganda.

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