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Child Protection and Trafficking: Is the Media Telling the Right(s) Story

Child journalists Khumo Baduza and Khotso Zinhle uncovered some interesting truths about human trafficking and the media.

In the aftermath of the World Cup hype, their documentary seeks to establish a clearer picture of human trafficking and to understand the realities around modern slavery in South Africa.

Khumo and Khotso ask if this is what we’re hearing, reading and seeing in our media, and if not, why not!

Children tackle the editors at Redi’s Round Table

The absence of children in SA’s press code, the lack of children’s voices in reporting and a poor showing of children in positive roles in media - these were the issues child media monitors put to senior journalists and editors on the Redi Tlhabi show.

Child Safety Measures during the World Cup – how did we do?

About MMA’s children’s radio reporting

This is the first report of Media Monitoring Africa’s (MMA) Children’s Radio Reporting, that engaged various stakeholders on the issues of child protection and trafficking, produced with children. They were selected by their class peers as panelist for the children’s press conference hosted by MMA at the start of the World Cup. As participants in MMA’s school Media Monitoring programme, they became familiar in critically looking at the media, and took on the task with enthusiasm and determination.

“There was no money set aside (by government) for the protection of children.”
(Gyan Dwarika, Social Work Advance Specialist: Child Exploitation, Department of Social Development)

With children on extended holidays for the duration of the World Cup, there were concerns that the sporting event brought with it new threats and risks in terms of children’s safety. Children from Saxonwold and Naturena Primary Schools in Johannesburg wanted to find out what was done to keep children safe during the World Cup, how effective they had been, and what role the media had played!

Mobiles and Minors

A recent national survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the SABC found that 72% of 18 – 24 years owned cellphones - and many were using them for more than just talking!

The Media Monitoring Project, in partnership with the Open Society Foundation and SAfm, invites you to tune in to MEDIA @ SAfm this Sunday for their latest radio conference “Mobiles and Minors”.

Does increased access to mobile content mean an increase in potential exposure to harmful content?

Drawing on key industry experts, you’ll learn about the various regulatory measures that should ensure children are protected from inappropriate content. We’ll also explore how videos, wallpapers and other cellphone content make it into our local youth media mix.

If you have a cellphone - or if you have a child that uses one - download the sound file or read the transcript here!

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