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MMA podcasts address a range of media issues.

Making media history

In celebration of Heritage Day

The Media Monitoring Project and Open Society Foundation in conjunction with SAfm present


A one hour radio special reflecting on key media moments in South Africa’s history followed by a roundtable debate on our media heritage.

Do we have media traditions we can be proud of? And if so, are the media doing them justice?

Listen to the programme as a panel of media professionals evaluate journalistic traditions established in the past but practiced in the context of South Africa today.

FMpowering Women

Radio touches more hearts and minds than any other medium.

But to what extent is this used to empower women?

Join the Media Monitoring Project and SAfm, in conjunction with the Open Society Foundation, this Sunday from 10am, as our panel of experts highlight best radio practices from South Africa and around the world. From soap operas to sex advice – radio gives unique access to those most marginalised. But is enough being done for women?

Reporting Diversity

Diversity encompasses acceptance and respect… It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity in each individual.

Celebrating diversity SHOULD BE the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.

But do the South African media fulfil this need?

Join the Media Monitoring Project, in conjunction with SAfm and the Open Society Foundation, for their next radio conference.

In REPORTING A DIVERSE NATION we’ll unpack just a few elements of diversity as reported in our media.

Back to school for journalists

More than half of the population of South Africa are youths under the age of 25. Yet at the recent World Editors Forum congress in Cape Town, it was highlighted how traditional media need to better target this demographic in their content.

The Media Monitoring Project and Wits Journalism aim to target the youth in a very different way.

Tune in to MEDIA @ SAfm this Sunday morning from 10am to find out why it’s going to be BACK TO SCHOOL FOR JOURNALISTS

We’ll be examining local case studies involving stereotyping and human right’s abuses of children in reporting. International experts join our panel discussion on solutions to overcoming these reportage shortcomings.

Reporting Africa

Join the Media Monitoring Project, in conjunction with SAfm and the Open Society Foundation, as we commemorate Africa Day.

“Until lions have their own story tellers, their stories will always be told by the hunters.” (African proverb)

Africa has its own story tellers, but whose stories are they best telling and how?

For an informed African media perspective tune in to “REPORTING AFRICA” on MEDIA @ SAfm this Sunday morning from 10am.

A panel of media experts will be headlining: Political agenda’s, Dictators Media freedom, Disasters, Stereotypes, Hate speech, Democracy, Wars, Development, Technology

as THE African media’s feature story for 2007.

Mobiles and Minors

A recent national survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the SABC found that 72% of 18 – 24 years owned cellphones - and many were using them for more than just talking!

The Media Monitoring Project, in partnership with the Open Society Foundation and SAfm, invites you to tune in to MEDIA @ SAfm this Sunday for their latest radio conference “Mobiles and Minors”.

Does increased access to mobile content mean an increase in potential exposure to harmful content?

Drawing on key industry experts, you’ll learn about the various regulatory measures that should ensure children are protected from inappropriate content. We’ll also explore how videos, wallpapers and other cellphone content make it into our local youth media mix.

If you have a cellphone - or if you have a child that uses one - download the sound file or read the transcript here!

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