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Threatening murder is not okay

The recent tragic death of five children has stirred up outrage in many South Africans, including children, who have been protesting outside the Soweto magistrate’s court.  Many of the images of children ‘baying for Jub Jub’s blood’ have escaped comment, other than to note that there have been threats to his life.  In contrast, the Sowetan included an editorial on Friday (12/03/2010, p. 18) on children threatening violence against Jub Jub.

Varied Views on Child Abuse Case by the Media

Three very distinct reporting styles in covering one story of the 6 year-old boy abused by his foster parent, shows how one story can be perceived through different lenses. The Sunday Times (17/01/2010, p. 8), the Daily Sun (19/01/2010, p. 4), and The Star (18/01/2010, p. 2) have all given their own rendition in covering this story and have given it precedence in their publications.

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