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On a weekly basis, Media Monitoring Africa elects and writes about stories which violate or support child’s rights in the news. Read more.

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Identifying children who need protection, a media pandemic?

Several media houses published a brief article about a boy who was kidnapped for muti-purposes and later returned by his captors after it was alleged that he was “too dark”. The media houses get a MAD for failing to give the child concerned the right to protection afforded to him by the constitution.

Child Protection Week: The Times rises to the occassion

The Times should be commended for reporting extensively on children during Child Protection Week.Through their efforts, The Times provided a channel through which issues affecting children were brought to surface. The coverage provided perspectives on a wide range of issues affecting children, such as child abandonment,child hunger, poverty and poor education.

A stolen baby, a well known trafficking route – A red flag

MMA raises a red flag on two stories published by The New Age which missed an opportunity to identify a kidnapping story as possible human trafficking. Included in the commentary is a response from news agency, African Eye News Service (AENS), which supplied one of the stories selected for a MAD.

The New Age Raises the Alarm On Abduction and Rape under the guise of “Ukuthwala” Practice

MMA commends an article by The New Age which raised awareness on the issue of young girls being abducted under the guise of a practice known as “ukhuthwala”.

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