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On a weekly basis, Media Monitoring Africa elects and writes about stories which violate or support child’s rights in the news. Read more.

A positive story on a child makes front page

Empowering coverage by Sowetan earns it a GLAD.

Sunday Times shows how children are breaking new grounds

Sunday Times’ article by Matthew Savides provides exemplary reporting on children.

Children of famous people also deserve privacy

While stories about fathers who fail to pay maintenance for children are reported with the end of holding the fathers to account and putting pressure on them to pay, such stories can potentially do more harm than good to the children involved.

Good reporting by The Star on trafficked siblings

An article by The Star shines a spotlight on child trafficking and more especially on ethical standards that need to be observed when reporting on this issue.

Children’s issues deserve greater context and highest level of ethics

A child who runs away from home will most likely not receive news coverage than a child who has been abducted by a stranger or a missing child. While such stories are welcomed as they are rare to find in the news, it is important that journalists guard against falling into the trap of mystifying these issues and not being sensitive to the needs of the children involved.

Daily Sun fails to protect child witnesses

The “People’s paper” forgets to consider the rights of the society’s most vulnerable people, children.

Children’s vulnerability makes their right to privacy necessary

The Citizen has been selected for a MAD for identifying a vulnerable child. 

Reporting on children: First, do no harm

In their editorial policy, the Times Media Group, declare that they “undertake to consider the consequences of [their] reporting to children, and to take steps, where appropriate, to minimise the harm.” However, articles by Sowetan, Sunday World and The Times, which are all publications of the Times Media Group contradict this well-though-out editorial policy for reporting on children.

Journalists must maintain consistent ethical behavior in their reporting

Two articles by Daily Sun point to a need for consistency when applying ethics.

‘Broken Adoptions’ get the lion’s share of Saturday Star’s coverage

Saturday Star gets a GLAD for their thought-provoking and holistic coverage on “broken adoptions.”

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