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Submission to the Press Freedom Commission: regulation of print media

11 January 2012

Media Monitoring Africa responded to a call for submission by the Press Freedom Commission (PFC) (15 December 2011) on the Regulation of Print Media in South Africa.

MMA supports more independent self regulation. By definition self regulation refers to a peer review system operating within a set of self- imposed rules by the media. It consists of representatives from the media profession passing judgement of complicated matters of journalistic reporting using a Journalistic Code of Ethics which is applied in determining the final ruling , and benchmarking the generally accepted norms and standards.

MMA is of the view that although the current system of self-regulation is in principle appropriate, it can be improved and strengthened in a variety of respects. Apart from taking measures to ensure that the general public and the media is educated and well-informed about the Press Council and its role, these improvements would require the adoption of amendments to the Press Council’s Constitution, the Press Code and the Complaints Procedures. Read the   Final_Submission and tell us if you agree or disagree with us.