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Submission to ICASA on the Draft Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations

11 January 2012

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA, formerly the Media Monitoring Project) welcomes the
opportunity to make a submission to the Independent Communications Authority of South
Africa (ICASA) on the Draft Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations – 10 November 2011.

This submission will address the following areas:
1. MMA’s Constitutional Assumptions.
2. MMA’s basic assumptions of digitalisation.
3. Areas of concern relating to the draft regulations.
4. Summary of recommendations.
5. Conclusion.
6. Appendix One: Presentation given by William Bird – Highway Africa Conference 2011.

Also, MMA understands that the Authority has decided they may hold public hearings on
the draft regulations however MMA would like to express the absolute need for the public
hearing. MMA would also like to express its desire to make an oral submission to the
Authority as and when the public hearings take place. Read the Submission and tell us what you think.