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MMA’s MOJo - keeping media honest by monitoring online journalism

11 July 2012

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) answered a call to enter the African News Innovation Challenge and submitted its COOLEST idea to transforming the way African media work. MMA’s proposal is titled MOJo - keeping media honest by monitoring online journalism.

The entry proposes the creation of a ‘plug & play’ toolkit of analytical software for African journalism observatories to keep media honest & help improve media professionalism. This will enable media audiences to objectively monitor who owns or controls the media, or when journalists retroactively change their published articles (self-censorship), or when they’re regurgitating corporate or government press releases without independent reportage, or how they’re correcting mistakes in their reportage.

See the full proposal here and add in the box provided below the entry, what you think of the proposed idea, plan of implementation and how it will work.