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MMA oral submission on the Protection of State Information Bill

3 April 2012

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA, formerly Media Monitoring Project) responded to a nomination by the National Council of Provinces’ (NCOP) ad hoc committee dealing with the Protection of State Information Bill (POSIB), to be part of the eighteen (18) organisations and bodies nominated to make oral presentations before Parliament on the Bill.

In its submission Media Monitoring Africa states that it welcomes much of the Bill, and sees it as indicative of South Africa’s show of leadership by repealing repressive and Colonial or Apartheid-era security laws, and replacing these with progressive laws. MMA is also of the view that much of the POIB is progressive, in line with international best practise and congratulates Parliament on it.

However, MMA identified certain provisions of the Bill which it views as problematic. In conclusion, MMA suggests changes to seven sections of the Bill which, if enacted by the NCOP, would:
• find an appropriate balance between protecting the public interest in:
• legitimate national security interests
• a free press and the free flow of information in order to further democracy and development
• assist in encouraging other African countries to repeal and replace their Colonial-era security laws with progressive development-oriented laws.

Read the full oral submission here and give us your views; we would gladly welcome and take any feedback into consideration.