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Media Monitoring Africa releases periodic media analysis pieces looking at current issues in the media though a human rights lens.

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Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory Expresses Concern with the Protection of State Information Bill

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory has expressed its concern with the Protection of State Information Bill which will be passed by the National Assembly today. The Centre has as a result released a press statement analysing the Bill’s remaining flaws.

Elections Watch-Bias Patrol - Morning Live (11 May 2011)

In response to concerns raised of bias by one the SOS Coalition (Support Public Broadcasting) members, MMA has conducted a brief analysis of SABC 2’s Morning Live show (11 May 2011).

One sided defensive play – this is no game of sports, but the SABC, Gumede and the Mail & Guardian.

Media Monitoring Africa has taken a look at the spat between businessman Robert Gumede and the Mail and Guardian newspaper – or more specifically the role played by the public service broadcaster in the row and whether SABC has taken sides.

According to the analysis “The SABC has managed to aggravate the situation by refusing to be publicly accountable and instead adopting a ‘secret’ and ‘defensive’ stance.”

Election coverage 21 April - Prepared voters?

Election press coverage for Tuesday 21 April 2009, the day before the elections, focused on the IEC’s readiness for the elections, and included various pieces in newspapers on the voting process. However, voters are unlikely to have been assisted in making their decision by media’s failure to adopt a citizens’ agenda in their election coverage.  Media Monitoring Africa offers an overview on how media performed on various challenges posed in covering elections.

Election coverage 20 April - Rallies and Daily Sun’s cartoon

Election coverage for Monday 20 April 2009 was dominated by items on the final weekend election rallies of the various political parties, predominantly the main parties.  The ANC rally this weekend got most of the coverage. The Daily Sun also encouraged its readers to vote and then provided a cartoon strip that explained the voting process.

Election coverage 18, 19 April 2009 - Voter education and encouragement

Election coverage for the weekend 18-19 April was notable for the significantly higher levels of informative coverage on the process of voting as well as on the parties themselves as compared to previous weeks’ coverage.  Newspapers also encouraged South Africans to use their democratic right and vote.

Election coverage 16 April 2009 - Zumaphilia and secret voting

Election press coverage for Thursday 16 April 2009 showed a significant increase, particularly when compared to the previous week, though this was more noticeable in some newspapers than others.  After looking at the day’s top stories, the report looks at two editorials and asks what could the media have done/ still do? The one editorial in The Times notes that the election has been all about Jacob Zuma. However, since other parties have been so poorly covered in the media, there has been pressure on parties to respond to high profile events to gain media attention, notably the Zuma corruption trial.  The second editorial is from The Citizen about the secrecy of the vote. 

Election coverage 15 April 2009 - Sports and xenophobia

Election coverage for Wednesday 15 April 2009 included a variety of different stories.  However, the most prominent were stories about South African’s voting overseas.  Although this was covered far more prominently on television, we are likely to see more coverage in the press tomorrow.  An innovative elections story in The Star was tainted with xenophobic statements from a resident in an area recently affected by xenophobic violence.  The statements were not contradicted.

Election coverage 9-13 April 2009 - politics is about people

Election coverage for Thursday 9 April and the weekend (10-13) continued to be dominated by the NPA’s decision to drop charges against Jacob Zuma, and the repercussions thereof.  This is not surprising given the importance of the decision taken and its potential impact on South Africa.  Thursday’s papers had less content about the case than the previous two days. However, by and large, the weekend coverage provided comprehensive analytical coverage of the issues involved as expected of weekend papers. 

Election coverage 8 April 2009 - Zikalala and confusing stories

Election coverage for Wednesday 8 April continued to be about the NPA’s announcement on the dropping of charges against Jacob Zuma, the reaction from other political parties, and what it means for the country.  A substantial amount of the news in the newspapers was devoted to this.  This was less so for television news. There were also a number of election stories which would confuse audience members, in various media. A comment by the ANC over the renewal of the contract of SABC news manager was also prominently covered. There were also a number of confusing election stories in various media.

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