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Media Monitoring Africa releases periodic media analysis pieces looking at current issues in the media though a human rights lens.

January 2011: The month of multiple Children’s Rights Violations by SA Print Media

During the week 17th - 21st there were so many articles deserving of a MAD that MMA felt compelled to write MEGA MAD - citing articles in The Citizen, Daily Sun, Mail & Guardian, The New Age, Sowetan and The Star  for violating children’s rights.

This analysis has been endorsed by Childline and the Centre for Child Law

One sided defensive play – this is no game of sports, but the SABC, Gumede and the Mail & Guardian.

Media Monitoring Africa has taken a look at the spat between businessman Robert Gumede and the Mail and Guardian newspaper – or more specifically the role played by the public service broadcaster in the row and whether SABC has taken sides.

According to the analysis “The SABC has managed to aggravate the situation by refusing to be publicly accountable and instead adopting a ‘secret’ and ‘defensive’ stance.”

Rape is rape: media’s role in reporting the alleged gang rape of a school girl

On Thursday 4th November 2010 an 8th grade girl was allegedly gang raped by three schoolboys on the high school’s premises. The incident was allegedly filmed by students using mobile phones.

Numerous aspects of how this story has been reported have given Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) cause for concern.

Gender Fatigue in Media Coverage of Women

When Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) published a preliminary look into the winners and sinners in the media coverage around Women’s Day and Month, a more comprehensive analysis of print articles and television reports from that period was also promised. Here it is!

State of the Media - Presentation at Sanef

William Bird, director of MMA, gave a presentation at a Sanef’s summit, which focused on issues of media freedom.

The Sunday Times dedicates an edition to wonderful women.

The Sunday Times dedicates its edition on the 23rd of May 2010 to both powerful and ordinary women doing great work for the economy and in their communities.

Back to School… An opportunity wasted?

The first day of school always gets media attention, with coverage of how children react to going to school for the first time.  The day offers the opportunity to cover children taking a big step in their lives.  Past coverage has included many images to show children’s reaction to this event.  In the interest of children’s rights in the media, various print mediums were examined during the first week of schools opening for 2010 (13-17 January 2010), to explore the coverage dedicated to the event.

The Walls of Africa - coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Around the world people celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It symbolised the end of the Cold War and signified the start of a new world order. The single most important question – how did it affect Africa? – is only addressed by a few newspapers in South Africa. However, the question seems more relevant today with public and political debate on nationalisation and demands for a developmental state model.

Election coverage 21 April - Prepared voters?

Election press coverage for Tuesday 21 April 2009, the day before the elections, focused on the IEC’s readiness for the elections, and included various pieces in newspapers on the voting process. However, voters are unlikely to have been assisted in making their decision by media’s failure to adopt a citizens’ agenda in their election coverage.  Media Monitoring Africa offers an overview on how media performed on various challenges posed in covering elections.

Election coverage 20 April - Rallies and Daily Sun’s cartoon

Election coverage for Monday 20 April 2009 was dominated by items on the final weekend election rallies of the various political parties, predominantly the main parties.  The ANC rally this weekend got most of the coverage. The Daily Sun also encouraged its readers to vote and then provided a cartoon strip that explained the voting process.

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