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The Times makes time for young budding scientists

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) commends The Times for their article, “Cogs mesh for girls at science weekend” (12/01/2016, p.6).

Daily Sun shows that girls can play soccer too

A wonderful story by Simphiwe Mngomezulu earns Daily Sun a GLAD.

Children born out of wedlock have rights too

Media Monitoring Africa commends Aarti J Narsee for maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct, excellence, and sensitivity in her reporting in the story titled “Ruling on fathers brings joy to teen” (Sunday Times, 08/02/2015, p.12). 

Visible Invisibility: Gender Discrimination in South African Media Workplaces

The findings reveal interesting and concerning issues about gender discrimination in the country’s newsrooms. The research revealed that gender discrimination is a problem and a long history of inequality among the sexes is among the causes. Gender discrimination in South Africa’s newsrooms is about power, with those in positions of authority generally the perpetrators.

Gender on the Agenda: Narratives Of Masculinity In South African Media

The study explores definitions of masculinity and the ways in which masculinity is understood and communicated in the media. To get to it’s findings the study compares and cross-references information derived from monitoring the content of news media and interviews with journalists, as well as focus group discussions conducted with male and female respondents in Alexandra (Alex) and the University of Johannesburg (UJ). A key objective of this research is to challenge existing versions of masculinity portrayed in the media.

Power, Patriarchy and Gender Discrimination in Zimbabwean Newsrooms

Gender discrimination, in its various debilitating forms, is known to occur in almost every professional setting.For this reason, Media Monitoring Africa and local media partners in Zimbabwe investigated the nature of gender discrimination in Zimbabwean newsrooms.

Child Protection Week: The Times rises to the occassion

The Times should be commended for reporting extensively on children during Child Protection Week.Through their efforts, The Times provided a channel through which issues affecting children were brought to surface. The coverage provided perspectives on a wide range of issues affecting children, such as child abandonment,child hunger, poverty and poor education.

Positive report on a child, in times of scarcity – courtesy of The New Age.

Recent media reports have not been short of child abuse stories.Significant media attention has been paid to stories that highlight depressing state of affairs concerning children, these include cases of rape, maintenance battles and neglect. It was therefore pleasant to read a GLAD deserving article from The New Age titled “A ball, a glove and a smile” (09/05/2012, p.7) about a 12-year-old winner of women’s golf championship title.

Food security in Niger is a woman’s issue too

Famine and food crises are amongst some of the critical challenges the African continent faces. The New Age article,“Hunger in Niger reaches epidemic proportions” (6/02/2012, p. 16)  recognizes that it is imperative to look at food security in conjunction with the impact it has on the livelihoods of women and children. The article is one to be GLAD about because it steered against the norm of showing images of emaciated children, and instead provided a detailed and contextual analysis of the day-to-day effects that food insecurity has on people, in particular women.

City Press shows that there is life after botched circumcisions

Botched circumcisions are a prevalent and worrisome issue in South Africa. The City Press gets a GLAD for not only highlighting the seriousness of this matter, but also for providing steps that can be taken by the victims to remedy their situation, in so doing offering them hope.

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