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MMA’s Submission in response to the ICT Green Paper 2014

MMA has responded to the Department of Communication’s call for submissions to the ICT Green Paper Policy, gazetted in January 2014. MMA welcomes this call and the opportunity for submissions.There has however been debate around the issues which are absent from the ICT Green Paper and whether there should be a call for the Green Paper to be completely reviewed and these issues addressed.

Citizen’s Agenda Flushed Away: Uncovering Media on Municipal Elections

The 2011 Municipal elections were dominated by coverage surrounding a crucial issue of service delivery, in particular, provision of sewerage and sanitation. Unfortunately the discussions were dominated not by the citizens affected and policy issues of parties involved but rather the politicians. This report explores various aspects of media coverage from fairness, party and topic coverage to who spoke and where stories originated. In doing so it provides a wealth of information as to not only how elections were covered but how we can build on strengths and address weaknesses. The role of the media in an election period is too important to not be continually analysed with a view to ensuring citizens are able to make informed choices. The report should stimulate debate, discussion and encourage change, if it does we will have done our previous reports justice and, hopefully, made a contribution to the deepening of democracy.

Reporting on Children - Is the coverage getting any better? Is there something to be glad about?

On the 17th of July 2012, MMA released two reports on the coverage of children in South African and Zambian media. While there are general improvements in how children are represented in the media since 2003 when MMA started its research, the report findings show that some areas demand the attention of journalists and editors.

MMA oral submission on the Protection of State Information Bill

Media Monitoring Africa responded to a nomination by the National Council of Provinces’ (NCOP) ad hoc committee dealing with the Protection of State Information Bill (POSIB) to make an oral presentation on their submission. MMA welcomes much of the bill, but identified certain provisions of the bill which it views as problematic and suggests changes to seven sections of the bill to make it not only constitutional, but also to fulfill South Africa’s AU obligations.

Submission to the Press Freedom Commission: regulation of print media

Media Monitoring Africa responded to a call for submission by the Press Freedom Commission (PFC) (15 December 2011) on the Regulation of Print Media in South Africa.

MMA supports more independent self regulation. By definition self regulation refers to a peer review system operating within a set of self- imposed rules by the media. It consists of representatives from the media profession passing judgement of complicated matters of journalistic reporting using a Journalistic Code of Ethics which is applied in determining the final ruling , and benchmarking the generally accepted norms and standards.

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory Expresses Concern with the Protection of State Information Bill

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory has expressed its concern with the Protection of State Information Bill which will be passed by the National Assembly today. The Centre has as a result released a press statement analysing the Bill’s remaining flaws.

Elections Watch-Bias Patrol - Morning Live (11 May 2011)

In response to concerns raised of bias by one the SOS Coalition (Support Public Broadcasting) members, MMA has conducted a brief analysis of SABC 2’s Morning Live show (11 May 2011).

Gender: An Election Issue? Election Accountability Pack

51% of the population is female
40-50% of women have experienced violence at the hands of a partner
None of the local election manifestos touch on gender-based violence specifically.

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA), GenderMattersZA, Open Society Foundation, The Daily Maverick and Frayintermedia have teamed up with the Commission on Gender Equality (CGE) and Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre to launch a “Piercing the Promises: Election Accountability Pack” on gender issues.

Service Delivery: An Election Issue?

MMA together with experts from the Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute and The Centre for the Study of Democracy compiled questions to aide journalists in holding candidates for the upcoming local government elections accountable. This is the second part of the Piercing the Promises: Election Accountability Pack with a particular focus on Service Delivery.

Children: an Election issue?

How do we get answers from local election candidates and their parties on how they plan to tackle the many problems facing children in South Africa?

Here’s our Piercing the Promises: Election Accountability Tool for journalists on children’s issues

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