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Category: Daily Sun [REMOVE] reports responsibly on abducted girls gets a GLAD for upholding ethical reporting standards when covering a human trafficking story involving children.

The Star’s in-depth coverage on children’s issues applauded

The Star receives a GLAD for highlighting various issues affecting children and bringing them to the attention of policymakers

Sowetan compromises rights of abducted children

Sowetan violates its own editorial policy by identifying children in an article and compromising their safety when they needed the most protection.

The New Age highlights children’s issue & promotes their views

The New Age receives a GLAD for accessing a child and bringing a children’s issue to the attention of relevant stakeholders

News24 and The New Age’s intentions gone wrong

Two media houses receive a MAD for compromising children’s safety by identifying them when it was not in their best interests to do so. Read the commentary and the responses from the media houses concerned.

Sowetan highlights Vuwani learners’ hunger to learn

Sowetan gets a GLAD for excellent reporting where children are given an opportunity to voice their views!

Well done! Sunday Times

A GLAD is awarded to Sunday Times for accessing the child involved in the article and portraying her positively!

The Times misses an opportunity for a great story

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) gives no GLAD or MAD to The Times newspaper after the media house failed to access children in their story!

Protecting identities of children in the media: Two notable examples

Two newspapers receive GLADS from Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) for promoting the rights to privacy of the children in their reporting.

MMA and SOS Coalition: Written Submissions on the Films and Publications Amendment Bill

Media Monitoring Africa and the SOS Support Public Broadcasting Coalition have made a joint submission on the Films and Publications Amendment Bill.

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