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Gender Discrimination in Zambian Media Workplaces: Airing Out The Laundry

The problem of gender discrimination cannot be isolated to media environment. Gender based discrimination is a societal and national problem. The issues highlighted in this report though specific to the media work environment they can be said to mirror gender based discrimination which is prevalent in society, historically and otherwise.

Written Submissions By The Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) On The Cybercrimes And Cybersecurity Bill

The possibility exists that new forms of cybercrime will emerge with evolving technology. New cyber laws should therefore be introduced to respond to these rapid changes.

Supplementary submission by MMA on the Review of regulations on South African local content

Supplementary written submission by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) on the position paper: Review of Regulation on South African Local Content (Radio and Television)

Daily Sun reminded to protect children from harm

Daily Sun places a child at risk by directly and indirectly identifying him. Read the commentary on the article that has been selected for a MAD.

Whose education is it anyway? A necessary reminder from City Press

An article by City Press brings a child’s perspective to the Roodepoort Primary school saga.

Well done, but remember their voices also matter

City Press journalist, Prega Govender puts children’s issues on the agenda but forgets to include their voices.

Nothing about us without us- Namibian coverage of children

An analysis of the Namibian media coverage of children and children’s issues. The aim of the analysis was to provide an understanding of the holistic coverage of children and children’s issues in the media in order to hold media to account and to also help them perform better going forward.

Written representations by MMA on the review of regulations on South African local content

Until the lions get their own story tellers, history will always be told from the perspective of the hunters.

A positive story on a child makes front page

Empowering coverage by Sowetan earns it a GLAD.

Sunday Times shows how children are breaking new grounds

Sunday Times’ article by Matthew Savides provides exemplary reporting on children.

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