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Empowering images of children take centre stage

Articles by The New Age and the Daily Sun receive a GLAD for portraying children in a non-stereotypical manner and for clearly making an effort to celebrate their successes.

The Sowetan and The Star protects the identities of vulnerable children

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) congratulates the Sowetan and The Star for taking extra caution when reporting on sensitive issues involving children.

The Sowetan’s coverage of education crisis worthy of emulation

Over the past recent weeks, Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) has observed how the Sowetan has been consistent in providing well balanced and contextualised coverage of the crises plaguing the country’s education system.

Children, regardless of their nationality, deserve protection

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) encourages The New Age and the media at large to treat children equally, irrespective of their nationality. All children should be afforded the same rights in the media. The normal rules of journalism cannot be willy-nilly suspended when it comes to reporting on stories of foreign origin.

Sowetan’s glowing representation of a teen gets the nod

An article from the Sowetan is this week’s shining example of how children should be covered by the media.

“Tell our stories but protect us”

There can be no doubt that the media has a responsibility to report on crime stories even when they involve children. The Sowetan quite rightly, highlighted the brutality of the events involving a child who witnessed his father’s murder, but troubling from this reporting is the newspaper’s violation of the rights of the child as well as getting the basics of news and ethical practice wrong.

The Daily News fails to protect the identity of a vulnerable child

An article from Daily News has been selected for a MAD for failing to protect the identity of a child who is a witness to a crime.

Are we ever going to be heard?

2015 Children’s media coverage: South Africa

The Times makes time for young budding scientists

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) commends The Times for their article, “Cogs mesh for girls at science weekend” (12/01/2016, p.6).

Children not in the media

Analysis of 2015 Namibian media coverage of children.

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