Policy Submissions

A key area of MMA’s work lies in media-related policies and codes. As media policies set out the values and frameworks under which the media operates, it is essential that the policies developed be in line with the constitutional values of South Africa’s democracy. MMA makes submissions on a broad range of media policies, including issues relating to local content and regional television.

MMA also makes submissions on regulatory and license matters, most notably (as the Media Monitoring Project at the time), the Broadcast Amendment Bill and the Public Service Broadcaster (the SABC)’s license amendment application to the independent regulator, ICASA. In making these submissions, MMA is one of the few civil society organisations that participate with a view to ensuring the protection of citizens’ rights.

MMA has also made submissions on media codes and guidelines, such as the SABC editorial policy governing all news programmes.  MMA also advises media on their editorial codes in terms of bringing them into line with the constitution.