MMA programme areas

Our programme areas reflect the versatility of media monitoring and our commitment to an inclusive view of human rights.  Browse through our programme areas for reports and media updates on these subjects.


Children and their rights are under-represented in the media, but if we want a bright future for us and our democracy, we need to work with children today. This is what Media Monitoring Africa does.

Democracy and Governance

Media freedom is critical in upholding democracy and informing people.  MMA works to ensure that media fulfill this role to the best of their ability.


Gender inequality as expressed in its most extreme forms through gender based violence is one of the most vital elements in building a society in which the right to equality of all people is respected and protected. MMA works to promote gender awareness and equality in the media.


The impact of HIV goes well beyond the health sector, it impacts all of us. MMA works to examine the role the media play in reporting the complexities of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, as well as encouraging coverage that doesn’t perpetuate stereotypes and undermines stigma.

Media Freedom and Performance

Without media freedom, media cannot fulfill their vital democratic role, at the same time, without fulfilling this role in a professional and responsible manner, media can undermine democracy. MMA works to promote and protect media freedom as well as hold media accountable and provide alternatives for best practice.


As an emerging democracy, South Africa has the advantage of forming policy learning from the lessons of others. It is possible to directly influence media behaviour though submissions on media codes and policy.

Race, Xenophobia and Ethnicity

Coverage of key social issues such as the representation of race, stereotyping, xenophobia and racism, is often of limited value as it fails to explore pertinent aspects in any depth. MMA hopes to realise a more equitable future by influencing the coverage of race and xenophobia.

Special Projects

The range of special projects undertaken by MMA demonstrates the versatility of media monitoring.