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More women lured to cities for sex work

The Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat) on Thursday said it was not surprised more young women were being lured from their rural homes to work as sex workers in big cities.

Media Stories of 2010!

2010 Was dubbed the year South Africa would shine on the world stage since the country would be hosting the first FIFA World Cup to be held on African soil. However, like in previous years, the year didn’t go down without a few other headline-makers.

From controversial proposed legislation, to prominent trials and personalities, Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) has compiled a list of stories and people that had the rest of us talking throughout 2010. We also came up with a top 5 list of good and bad stories, accompanied by who we have crowned our ultimate hero for the year.

Invite to Counter-Trafficking Networking Event

World Hope South-Africa is hosting a counter-trafficking networking event on 8 December 2010.

The aim of this event is:
o To facilitate networking between key counter-trafficking role-players;
o And to share our resources, knowledge and experience in the field of counter trafficking work with you.

So you think you know about human trafficking?

Are these women and girls victims of human trafficking?

A. A 20 year old Eastern European woman working as a sex worker in Johannesburg during the World Cup
B. A 15 year old domestic worker from Zimbabwe, sent to work in Cape Town to earn money for her family back home
C. A 19 year old who follows her boyfriend to Durban, where he asks her to sleep with friends to earn money for rent or drugs
D. A 14 year old girl who is told she must marry as her family need the lobola

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