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MMA’s William Bird comments on SABC-MultiChoice deal and’s OpenView HD

William Bird, Director of Media Monitoring Africa, commenting on the broadcasting deal between the SABC and MultiChoice, said the contract was great for MultiChoice, but devastating for the SABC in financial terms. Mr Bird also indicated that the deal was a devastating development for South Africa’s democracy as it gave a commercial broadcaster total control over a public broadcaster, which was totally unheard of.

MMA In The Media: Media’s coverage of MMA’s concerns with the Protection of State Information Bill

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) has raised its concerns in a media statement about reports that the African National Congresss (ANC) was considering allowing crucial changes to the Protection of State Information Bill (POSIB). Such changes, according to MMA, will not only certainly guarantee a constitutional challenge but will also see South Africa seeking to pass legislation that is in violation of South Africa’s African Union Treaty obligations as well as our own legislation.

Saturday Star publishes MMA’s insiders insight into SA’s anti-traffciking efforts
MMA's Child Protection & Trafficking Programme Head, Melanie Hamman and has followed up her article in Saturday Star (11/02/2012 p.11) with a second article that gives more of an insiders insight into the progress made in efforts to begin to combat this highly complex issue in South Africa.
Hammerl’s killing: SA govt’s naiveté, rise of mediaphobia in Africa

SA’s award-winning photographer Anton Hammerl suffered and died alone - just like scores of journalists silenced in various parts of Africa for simply telling the truth.

Gaddafi loyalists’ savage act and cover-up, coupled with the South African government’s much-criticised handling of the issue, epitomise the rise of mediaphobia in a continent ridden with dictators and illegitimate governments.

Children’s Radio Foundation gets youth’s opinion on the upcoming elections

Four young South Africans give their frank and considered opinion on the elections. They tell us whether or not they’ll be making their mark, and why. We also hear from George Kalu, head of Children’s Projects at Media Monitoring Africa who explains how politicians overlook children as an election issue and as the future electorate.

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