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Saturday Star publishes MMA’s insiders insight into SA’s anti-traffciking efforts
MMA's Child Protection & Trafficking Programme Head, Melanie Hamman and has followed up her article in Saturday Star (11/02/2012 p.11) with a second article that gives more of an insiders insight into the progress made in efforts to begin to combat this highly complex issue in South Africa.
Saturday Star tells MMA’s Tangled Trafficking Tale

MMA’s Child Protection & Trafficking programme head, Melanie Hamman, was recently published in the Saturday Star (11/02/2012, p11) In the article Melanie speaks about the subtle hidden crime of human trafficking in South Africa.How when it occurs and is even reported on it is seldom seen or identified; and the importance of exposing it whenever it is found.

ETV’s report on Ukuthwala, Human Trafficking & The Media

Child right’s groups have called for the abolishment of Ukuthwala.The South African Professional Society on the Abuse of Children says the tradition is criminal and is fueling human trafficking.

Visual Stories of Human Trafficking’s Victims

‎“Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy to be covering the issue of human trafficking as a photographer” - Melanie Hamman explains what motivates her to work as a photographer documenting modern slavery in South Africa.

(As published by the Niemen Foundation for Journalism at Harvard)

Sensational & exaggerated reporting hinders efforts to tackle human trafficking

Media Monitoring Africa says sensational and exaggerated reporting on human and child trafficking can often lead to a failure to address the real issue. MMA held an exhibition on Child Protection and Trafficking in Johannesburg. Key to developing the exhibit was the participation of children.

Richelle Seton-Rodgers reported on the exhibition for SAFM 105.1 FM on Midday Live 24 November 2010

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