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‘You’ve got two choices: the door or the window’ – Jimi Matthews to SABC staff

Former SABC acting chief executive officer Jimi Matthews told eight reporters they could choose “the door or the window” if they disagreed with the broadcaster’s new policies, according to court papers.

Oakbay is compliant with BEE laws, Gupta-owned company says

Media Monitoring Africa director William Bird said in some respects, the media had made significant strides in transformation, but that this had not been sufficient.

ANC infighting grabbing headlines

In a survey conducted by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA), it shows that the media coverage for the EFF has declined during the election period compared to the same period in 2014.

MMA, SOS seek answers over Matlala’s ‘settlement’

MMA and SOS have now formally written to the public broadcaster demanding to know if it has received a settlement with its former CEO Frans Matlala and how much he is being paid.

South African public broadcaster accused of censorship

There are growing concerns that those freedoms at the public broadcaster may be slipping as it has become embroiled in a scandal regarding fresh allegations of censorship by it.

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