UPDATE: Despite ICASA ruling in our favour, we are now concerned that the SABC is refusing to comply with the ruling. See additional documents in post.

MMA, SOS seek answers over Matlala’s ‘settlement’

MMA and SOS have now formally written to the public broadcaster demanding to know if it has received a settlement with its former CEO Frans Matlala and how much he is being paid.

South African public broadcaster accused of censorship

There are growing concerns that those freedoms at the public broadcaster may be slipping as it has become embroiled in a scandal regarding fresh allegations of censorship by it.

A summary of Icasa’s SABC ruling

Here is a closer look at Icasa’s findings, compiled from public hearings held on June 24, regarding the allegations of “censorship” at the SABC following the broadcaster’s decision not to air certain visuals.

Damage to SABC will take a long time to undo

There is a outside chance the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s will lose all its licenses for failing to comply with the Independent Communication Authority of SA’s ruling, said director of Media Monitoring Africa William Bird.

From stumped to trumped, in one day

As we watched we realised that perhaps the only real difference between Donald Trump and the SABC COO is the absence of bad hair

Icasa rules against SABC but activists warn not to bet on its compliance

Sekoetlane Phamodi, the national co-ordinator at SOS Support Public Broadcasting Coalition, said the organisations felt vindicated, but it was unfortunate that the matter had to come to a tribunal to get the SABC to do the right thing.

SABC ordered to back down on violent protest ban

SABC chairperson Prof Mbulaheni Maguvhe has seven days to confirm in writing that the public broadcaster has complied,

Icasa warns that SABC’s licence could be revoked

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) could‚ in an “extreme” case‚ have its licence revoked.

SABC ban on protest coverage illegal‚ Icasa finds

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has ruled that the SABC has to rescind its ban on showing protest footage and communicate that it has done so within the next seven days.

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