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Calling on media to adopt an agenda in reporting elections


Tune in to Media @ SAfm

Elections are coming and some say they may be sooner than we anticipate.  We say hooray!  We love elections at MMA.  There is a certain inexplicable joy at the prospect of monitoring a whole lot of media, analysing each news item, tracking the big stories and the little ones too, considering issues of fairness and bias, party coverage and gender equality. 

Celebrating 15 years in style

We are having a party.  Not just because it is the end of the year but because MMP has been monitoring the media since 1993, that’s 15 years. 15 years for a small NGO I think is pretty good, especially when you do what we do, which is monitor the media.

But why have we been doing? Why should you care and how have we managed to stay around doing something some people think involves arriving at the office and reading a newspaper?  I will try and answer some of these questions, but before I do I think it is worth looking at what we have to celebrate.