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MMA looked at the news sources and the elections-related news stories they ran between 1st June and 31st July.

Which voices are South African media amplifying this election?

We have been monitoring the media coverage of elections from 1 June 2016, and these are the voices the media is amplifying. 

See the issues SA media are focusing on this election

We have been monitoring the media coverage of elections from 1 June 2016 , and these are the issues they are focusing on.

e.tv reports responsibly on abducted girls

e.tv gets a GLAD for upholding ethical reporting standards when covering a human trafficking story involving children.

See how SA’s media are covering political parties this election

We have been monitoring the media coverage of contesting parties since June 2016 and here are the results so far

Activists urge caution on celebrating SABC journalists’ reinstatement

Media Monitoring Africa says the decision doesn’t mean SABC managers are going to change.

SABC in breach of court by sending ‘reinstated’ journos home - lobby group

Media Monitoring Africa says SABC is acting in breach of court order, by shutting the journalists out without yet having filed a formal notice of appeal.

The Star’s in-depth coverage on children’s issues applauded

The Star receives a GLAD for highlighting various issues affecting children and bringing them to the attention of policymakers

Hlaudi’s Kill Bill: The slippery slide towards manipulating the news

In another act of defiance of due process and the law, the management of the SABC has terminated the employment of seven of the eight journalists who stood up against censorship at the public broadcaster. Another journalist has resigned, citing what he calls SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s “venomous tentacles” gripping the organisation.

South Africa: J&P commission urges government to intervene in broadcasting crisis

The South African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC) Justice and Peace Commission has called on the parliament to reconvene a committee on communications

Call for advertisers to pull ads from SABC over censorship

MEDIA Monitoring Africa has called on companies advertising on SABC to take a stand and withdraw their advertisements in protest against the editorial decisions which amounted to censorship.

MMA welcomes the interim interdict…with a measure of concern

MMA welcomes the interim interdict, with a measure of concern.  On the face of it this is an important victory for media freedom and the case of the SABC 8.  It is a great pity however that it has taken so much time and resources to reach a conclusion that was self evident from the word go.

SABC fires seven out of eight suspended journos

The SABC has now dismissed seven of the eight journalists who were recently suspended for speaking out against the controversial editorial policies.

MMA responds to SABC 8 dismissal

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) condemns the latest illegal response by SABC management to summarily dismiss the 8 SABC journalists. The decision flies in the face of due process and the ruling by ICASA. To be clear they have been fired for showing legitimate dissent with a clearly offensive policy to ban coverage of protests. Then they exercised their rights to due process through appropriate legal avenues. For this they have been accused of their actions being “intolerable to management.”

ICASA Responds to the SABC, SABC acknowledges order

ICASA has responded to the SABC reiterating the resolution taken on the 11 July 2016. SABC further responds on 19th July 2016.